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Experiencing Korean Lifestyle, HanNam BICENA


Combining the energy of completely different personalities, BICENA has created a unique space for Korean cuisine. We carefully selected materials and handled them minimally, creating a space where nothing sticks out and everything works together. Our goal was to incorporate the experience of Korean cuisine with the experience of Korean spirit and aesthetics. Four very different characters (representing natural beauty, many shades of white, dignity and confidence, and quiet humor) have collaborated to create something very beautiful under the umbrella of Korean cuisine. Their peculiar yet seamless co-presence in the result was made possible only because their focal point – Korea cuisine and Korean traditional craft – could already encompass the contemporary beauty within it.

Truly ‘the Center of Korean Cuisine’


The very sophisticated course meal well expresses the elegance and charm of Korean cuisine with which 2017 Michelin Guide Seoul awarded GAON with 3 Stars and BICENA with 1 Star. This was the first time Korean cuisine was officially recognized as being worthy of the world’s fine dining tastes.

BICENA ‘Mark with A Dot’


BICENA takes a new leap forward by reorganizing with the aspiration to show for ‘New Classic of Korean Dishes’ on the 81st floor in the Lotte World Tower which is the highest building in Korea. In more special place as the highest situated Korean restaurant, BICENA shows the most exclusive Korean dishes that are more refined.

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