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Fill in points


You will receive 1% of the total meal payment amount.

(100P per 10,000 won)

- Includes accumulation of alcohol and beverage payment amount

- Points are rounded off to decimal points based on accumulated points.



Point Empty Point


When you accumulate 7,000, you will receive a 50,000 won on-site discount.

After use, the customer grade will be adjusted and 100 points will be awarded.

- Cannot be used in conjunction with all affiliate benefits and discounts

- Use once per table and party

Possible point validity period and expiration point

The validity period is 15 months from the date of accumulation.

- Points whose validity period has expired are automatically expired at the end of the month.

- For points with validity period of October 9, 2012

Expires at midnight on October 31, 2012

- Expired points cannot be recovered upon membership withdrawal.

Point information will be deleted all together along with member information.



For further details, please contact the store.



* Bichena Member’s Day - Second and fourth weekends of every month *

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